It’s no secret that young motorists are hammered when it comes to car insurance quotes.

But a new scheme might well let good drivers get hold of policies normally restricted to people who’ve been driving for decades much sooner than that.

It’s possible using new telematics technology, which lets insurers asses how safe you are in a lot less time than relying on whether or not you’ve made a claim.

Nick Ansley, head of motor insurance at Co-op, said: “We’ve seen just how impactful black box [telematics] devices are on the driving behaviour of young people.

“From our data, we can see that it’s a great way of improving the safety of young drivers on the roads and we believe that responsible driving should be rewarded.”

Telematics or black box insurance policies allow drivers’ cars to be fitted with a device that monitors how well people drive.

So Co-op decided to let people using this sort of policy “graduate” to a traditional one after two years – if they show they’re safe enough.

That means the motorist can have their black box turned off, and save a bunch of cash too.

Young drivers’ black box safe driving score is based on several factors, their speed, how they take corners, how hard they brake and accelerate and the time of day they drive.